What Can You Do if Your Senior Won’t Drink Water?

Plain old water is one of the best ways to hydrate your senior, but it isn’t the only option. And if your elderly family member is resistant to drinking water as much as she really should, you’ve probably already learned that hydration is crucial. These tips can make water a bigger part of your senior’s day, even if it’s in something else.

Find out How Much Water She Needs

Senior Care Plainview, TX: Seniors Drinking Enough Water

Everybody needs water, but not necessarily the same amount. So sticking to arbitrary goals like eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day might not be right for your senior. Factors like the foods that she eats, because many include water, can reduce the water she absolutely needs to drink. Talk with your senior’s doctor about how much water she really should be getting every day.

Take the Focus Off Plain Water
If you’re still trying to get her to drink plain water and she absolutely hates it, you’re setting yourself up for a battle of wills that you might not win. Taking the emphasis off plain water and leaning more heavily on other ideas can help. Fruits that are high in water content, like melons, might be one option.

Try New Recipes and Delivery Methods
Switching up the delivery methods your senior is offered can help so much. You might consider making lemon popsicles, for instance. They might be mostly water with a little bit of lemon juice and a small amount of sweetener. Or you might consider adding a cold soup to dinner a few nights a week. Experiment a bit and see what you can find that your elderly family member finds enjoyable.

Watch Sugar and Salt, Though
One thing you do need to watch is how much sugar and salt are in your alternatives. Depending on her health, too much excess salt or sugar can create big problems for your elderly family member. Reduce the need for those ingredients as much as you can while still offering your senior flavors that she enjoys. Relying on other spices, seasonings, and flavors can help so much when you’re trying to give her something tasty and hydrating.

Sometimes having someone else offering water and other solutions can be what your senior needs, oddly enough. Senior care providers can help to monitor your elderly family member’s water intake throughout the day and let you know what’s working best as a method of keeping her properly hydrated.

Excerpt: It can be really difficult to help your senior to hydrate if she doesn’t enjoy drinking water. These ideas can help.

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