About Our In-Home Care

About Best In-Home Care In Lubbock, Texas

Meet Yvonne

My Name is Yvonne Woody and I worked as a financial planner and stockbroker until retirement, when I became an active volunteer in the community serving on several boards including The Salvation Army Board, The Covenant Hospital Neuroscience Board, The South Plains Kidney Foundation and The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. During this time, while caring for my ill mother, I learned that care for the elderly gave purpose and meaning to my life.

After a serious illness of my own I realized the importance of personal independence and the ability to stay in your own home surrounded by everything you love. It was at this time I felt I had a calling and asked my children to join me in forming our own elder care company to help make a difference in the lives of seniors. I believe when seniors have home care they are happier and their quality of life significantly improves while aging more gracefully.

Meet Tracy

My name is Tracy Daniel Nelson and I am a Registered Nurse. My story begins when I was a Hospice Nurse. So many times while doing hospice nursing I would enter a home only to find a person who was depressed, lost, and feeling life had nothing left to offer them. The breaking point came when the sweetest little lady, who was my grandmother’s age, began to tell me her life story and what it felt like to be old and alone. When I learned that Mildred had no family to care for her, I came every day and engaged her in conversation and listened to her stories. With each day of home care, Mildred became more content and died peacefully in her sleep. When my mother, Yvonne Woody, told me she was researching home care franchises to allow the elderly the greatest level of independence and freedom while still living in their own home, I was immediately compelled to find out more information. We talked to Steve Everhart CEO of The Senior’s Choice, the nation’s largest network of independent providers who care for the elderly. We found Steve shared our same passion and ideas for senior services; we then became a member of The Senior’s Choice network. My mother and I not only see this as a home care business, but a calling.

The whole family is now actively involved with Best In-Home Care. Myself and my husband Doug Nelson, Manager of Operations; my brother Tim Daniel, who is a nursing home administrator and who helps us with the myriad of State regulations; and my sister Kelly Wickersham, who is a dietician when we have those with special needs.