Four Solutions if Your Senior Is Having Outbursts More Often

Dementia keeps your senior from experiencing the world the way that you do. The changes in her brain from dementia can also cause her to react unexpectedly, sometimes in anger, and sometimes in other highly emotional ways. If those outbursts are happening more often, there might be a reason.

Ask for a Medication Review

Elder Care Levelland, TX: Solutions if Your Senior Is Having Outbursts

One of the first things you need to do is to talk to your senior’s doctor about her medications. If she’s recently changed any of her medications or increased the dosages, that could be contributing to the increase in outbursts you’re seeing. It could also be possible that your senior’s medications are disorienting for her, which also means that a medication review is in order.

Rule Out Physical Causes
Part of the cruelty of dementia is that your elderly family member can’t express what’s going on within her body in the same way that she might have in the past. That means that if she’s in pain or she’s experiencing other physical symptoms, she can’t really tell you or her doctor about that. Her doctor can run some tests, however, and take a look at possible physical causes so that you can either solve them or rule those out.

Take a Look at Her Daily Routine
People with dementia tend to do very well with a regular daily routine. Routines provide structure for your senior and they help her to understand what to expect from every day. She might be much less anxious after you establish a routine that works for both of you. Adjust her routine until you find the right combination for her.

Do What You Can to Create a Serene Environment
Having a calm, serene environment helps, too. Your senior picks up on how you’re feeling and if you’re agitated and on edge, she might feel that she needs to be alert for danger, too. Hiring elder care providers can be a huge help in keeping your senior’s environment as calm as possible. They can also help you to tweak your senior’s routine until it flows perfectly for her. That can help you both to be calmer, too, since your senior will be more likely to sleep well and have easygoing days.

As upsetting as this is for you, remember that it’s no fun for your senior, either. She needs your help in order to experience relief, though. Stay calm and remember that this is not something that your senior is taking out on you personally.

Excerpt: Your senior’s dementia changes how her brain operates, which might mean she’s having outbursts more often. Here’s what you can do.

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