Signs Your Aging Parent is Stressed

It can be easy to think of older adults who are retired as “living the good life.” They have few responsibilities, and life should be stress-free. Unfortunately, that’s often not the case for seniors. Some experience higher levels of stress than they did when they were younger. Stress is not only emotionally distressing, but it can have an impact on physical health. Being able to identify when your elderly parent is feeling stressed can allow you to get them the help they need.


What Causes Seniors to Be Stressed?

Home Care Tahoka, TX: Signs Your Aging Parent is Stressed

According to the American Psychological Association, older adults may experience stress for a variety of reasons, including:
• Mobility problems that make it hard for them to accomplish daily activities of living.
• Having serious health problems, like heart disease.
• Having less of a feeling of well-being.
• Being less satisfied with life.

They may also worry about being safe at home, fearing falling and no one being there to help. Or, living on an income that is significantly less than when they were working might be difficult. Some seniors are stressed at the idea of losing their independence, thinking they might one day have to move to a long-term care facility or in with family members. They may also fear being a burden on others.


What Are the Symptoms of Stress?
Chronic stress can cause all kinds of symptoms in older adults, from cognitive ones to physical ones. Some signs your aging parent is feeling stressed are:
• Having trouble remembering things.
• Not being able to pay attention.
• Depression.
• Irritability.
• Constant worrying.
• A negative attitude.
• Physical aches and pains.
• Catching colds or the flu more often.
• Digestive symptoms, like diarrhea or nausea.
• Chest pain.
• Rapid heart rate.
• Changes in eating habits.
• Changes in sleeping habits.
• Avoiding interacting with others.
• Drinking alcohol to relax.
• Engaging in nervous habits, like biting fingernails.


Can Home Care Help Reduce Stress?
Home care can absolutely help older adults to have less stress in their lives. Home care providers can alleviate fears about being alone too much and worries that they may become injured or ill without others noticing. Home care providers can improve emotional well-being simply by bringing a cheerful and friendly presence into the house and being someone, your parent can look forward to seeing. Because home care providers can assist with many household tasks, including cooking and cleaning, they can allow seniors to stay in their home longer than they might otherwise be able to. And, since home care providers are paid professionals, there’s no need for your parent to feel like they are being a burden to anyone.


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