Should You Hire a Daily Companion for Your Aging Relative?

Because loving family members won’t always be able to spend every day with their aging relative, many are looking at hiring senior care providers as daily companions. Not only do senior care providers assist seniors with personal care tasks, they can also help around the house, too. Above all, when a senior care provider is around, the aging adult won’t be alone. Anyone wondering whether they should hire a daily companion for their aging relative just needs to look at all the benefits.

Physical Benefits of Daily Companions for Aging Relatives

Senior Care Ralls, TX: Hiring a Daily Companion

Because so many aging adults have significant physical limitations, they rely on others to help them out with day-to-day tasks. Losing independence can be hard for seniors to deal with and above all, they don’t want to move out of their home. Family caregivers who want to spend a lot of time with their aging loved one may not be able to due to jobs, children and other responsibilities. A senior care provider can be that daily companion who can assist with several physical tasks.

If seniors are on their own for too long, they could be risking their health and safety. They may no longer be physically adept at doing basic self-care tasks, such as showering or bathing. They may face challenges in getting dressed or making meals. These physical tasks can simply be too much for someone with any number of health conditions, from arthritis and poor vision to vertigo and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Anything that’s beyond the aging adult’s ability is taken over by their daily companion.

Emotional Benefits of Daily Companions for Aging Relatives

An aging person’s physical needs are extremely important, but the benefits of a senior care provider also extend to their emotional state as well. Social contact is crucial for optimal mental health, because isolation and chronic loneliness often lead to anxiety and depression especially in elderly adults. Their physical limitations commonly restrict their ability to get out and be social, so having people come to their home is often the best way to get some visitors

When there’s a daily companion who can spend time with the aging adult on a regular basis, family caregivers can enjoy peace of mind. Senior care providers can rely on their helpful daily companion for social interaction, emotional support and more. Numerous studies show that when aging adults are social, they are more likely to resist the onset of dementia or at least delay it. Even beyond an elderly adult’s day-to-day challenges, there are times of grief, stress or extreme frustration that peak their coping abilities. It is in these times that a daily companion can be quite beneficial.

There’s no question that senior care providers make a good alternative to an elderly person’s family members. When loved ones can’t be present due to other responsibilities, a senior care provider can become a reliable, compassionate daily companion that everyone can count on.


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