Senior Care Ralls TX Seniors Excess Stuff

Why Is it So Difficult to Deal with Excess Stuff?

It’s not unusual at all for aging adults to collect quite a bit in the way of belongings. At some point, you might have to help your senior to pare down those items and it’s not always so easy to do.

Your Senior May Have Sentimental Ties

So many items can remind your aging adult of specific memories or of people she loves. These types of items are very tough to deal with because of that emotional impact. Some of these objects may be ones that she can hold onto or that she can pass on now to family members who will appreciate them.

She Might Be Convinced Her Stuff Is Valuable

Senior Care Ralls TX Seniors Excess Stuff
Senior Care Ralls TX Seniors Excess Stuff

Sometimes people keep items around because they’re convinced that those items will be worth a lot of money one day. Your elderly family member might not be holding onto those to make money for herself, either. She might believe that you and other descendants could one day profit. Try to get an accurate picture of whether she’s right or not and make decisions accordingly.

Dealing with Stuff Sometimes Means Accepting Mortality

Thinking about doing anything with items that she’s lived with for decades can be a blow to your senior’s system. Even if she knows that her health is not so great, she still may not have thought consciously about her own mortality. Determining what to do with her belongings can bring that issue front and center for her in a scary way.

Temporary Options Might Help

If your elderly family member is having a really difficult time parting with some of her belongings, sometimes a temporary solution can help. Consider renting a small storage space and place some of the items there. This can give your senior time to enjoy the space that you’re creating and she might come to a decision about some items given a little more time.

Maintain the Space You Gain

Now that you’re gaining a little bit of space with your senior’s belongings, try to maintain that ground. Senior care providers can help with cleaning and light housework, which can be a great way to ensure that spaces don’t get cluttered again. They can also help you to stay in the loop about whether those spaces are starting to fill up again.

For a lot of people, stuff is just stuff. But there are often big psychological implications with clearing out objects and items that have been with your senior for a long time. Be gentle with her and with yourself as you work through what to do with some of her belongings.

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