Home Care Tahoka TX: Five Tips for Safety-proofing Your Senior's Laundry Room

Five Tips for Safety-proofing Your Senior’s Laundry Room

Home Care Tahoka TX: Five Tips for Safety-proofing Your Senior's Laundry Room
Home Care Tahoka TX: Five Tips for Safety-proofing Your Senior’s Laundry Room

Laundry rooms can be a big source of trouble, especially if your elderly family member doesn’t have the same cognitive abilities that she did in the past. You can secure parts of the room or the entire room, but it’s probably a good idea to put some plan in place.

Secure Chemicals

Chemicals are one of the biggest safety concerns in your senior’s laundry room. Besides bleach, fabric softener, and laundry detergent, there may be other household chemicals in this room, too. Put them in a high cabinet and lock the doors, if possible. Remember that pods, while convenient, are even more dangerous because they look like candy to some people, which can especially be a problem if your senior has cognitive problems.

Close Doors to Machines and Secure Them

Laundry machines can be an intriguing spot for your senior. She might put things in the machines that don’t belong in them, which can be a problem later. Close the doors to laundry machines when they’re not in use. You might also want to consider adding child locks to the doors, just to secure them further.

Consider Unplugging Machines

If your elderly family member is prone to turning on the washer or dryer randomly, you might want to unplug them when they aren’t in use. This can be a tough habit to get into, but it can keep your senior’s electrical bill down and reduce the risk of problems caused by someone turning the machines on when they shouldn’t be.

Clothespins, Drying Racks, and Hangers Could Pose Problems

Some of the other items in the laundry room could also pose issues. Hangars, clothespins, and drying racks can all be tripping hazards and can be confusing for seniors with cognitive issues. It’s a good idea to keep these items corralled instead of hanging around loosely.

Block the Laundry Room

When you’re not sure how to secure all the little items in a laundry room, one of the best things that you can do when you have a door is simply to secure that door. A sliding lock up at the top of the door’s frame can be a really simple answer. Then you’re still able to access everything with little hassle but you know the room is secure when the lock is engaged.

Home care providers can take care of the laundry for your senior, leaving her little to no reason to have to venture into the room at all. Consider this solution especially if your elderly family member has dementia or other cognitive problems that cause her difficulty with reasoning.

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Excerpt: For some aging adults the laundry room might not be as safe as it was in the past.