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Some Lesser Known Benefits Of Home Health Care

You might be surprised to hear that even as someone who has done their research on home health care services that you might not know all of the benefits, but some of the smaller benefits tend to be a little less obvious. Luckily, you have us, your local provider of home care in Lubbock to… read more

See What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

As a home care services provider, we here at Best In-Home Care rely on the satisfaction of our customers to generate our reputation — and luckily, we have extremely satisfied customers. If you are looking for home care for a loved one we urge you to search “home care Lubbock” and see what our customers… read more

Finding Home Care In Lubbock

Are you in need of home care services? Have you found yourself searching “home care Lubbock” and hoping that the perfect home health care services company pops up? Well, luckily your searches have led you here to Best In-Home Care, LLC, your Top Rated LocalⓇ home care company in Lubbock. Our company is dedicated to… read more

Welcome To The Best In Home Care Blog!

We’re so glad that you’ve taken the time to browse around our Lubbock home care blog. As a locally-owned and operated home care company here in Texas, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable home health care options to seniors in Lubbock as well as the family members who love and worry about them. Home Care… read more

Home Care Services Make It Possible To Enjoy Life Again!

On the surface, home care services might not seem like a very emotional business. People in Lubbock need health care and assistance in their homes, and Best In Home Care LLC provides it. What’s so emotional about that? When you stop to consider how much people in Lubbock care for their elderly loved ones, and… read more

Home Care Keeps Seniors Safe At Home, Not In The Hospital

When you were in your twenties and thirties, you probably didn’t spend much time thinking about what life would be like in your senior years. When you’re young, your health problems are typically limited to acute events and you can’t wait for the day when you can take care of yourself physically and financially. You… read more

Getting The Right Care For Seniors After A Stay In The Hospital

Hospitalization is typically a health care choice reserved for serious events that threaten our wellness, like an acute disease or traumatic injury. Unfortunately, these events can become more frequent during the senior years. Both compromised immune systems and fall hazards in the home can make hospitalization necessary from time to time, but it is always… read more

Who Are Home Care Workers?

We’ve written many different articles extolling the virtues of home health care in general, and the services we provide here at Best In-Home Care in Lubbock, Texas. We believe that when it comes to striking a balance between the sustainability of independence and providing a safe, comfortable lifestyle for seniors, home health care provides a… read more

3 More Slip And Fall Hazards For Seniors In Lubbock

In a previous blog post, we discussed the issue of slip and fall hazards in the home, and how these issues, which seem insignificant to the rest of us, can put the lives of our senior loved ones at risk. The slip and fall hazards addressed in our previous post included throw rugs, poor lighting,… read more