Elder Care Lubbock

3 Things That Make Our Elder Care Providers Special

When it comes to hiring someone to provide care for the senior in your life, the decision can feel overwhelming. Whether you’re looking for elder care for a parent, aunt or uncle, or your own spouse, it’s never easy to trust a stranger to provide the services that your loved one needs without putting them at… read more

6 Fall Hazards Lurking In Every Senior’s Home

There are some parts of getting older that many people enjoy. In their older years, many people are able to retire, finally getting the time to travel, enjoy quality time with grand-kids, or the ability to relocate to a place where they’ll never have to shovel snow again. Of course, there are some drawbacks to… read more

3 Illnesses That Might Require In-Home Care

Deciding when is the right time to start thinking about in-home senior care for an aging parent can be difficult. There is an emotional toll when you face the fact that the person who took care of you for your entire life may now require someone to take care of them. But there is also… read more

What People Are Saying About Best In-Home Care

We know that you have options when it comes to choosing an in-home care provider for yourself or your loved one, and we thank you for considering Best In-Home Care. Our standard is in our name – we like to provide the best home care for seniors and respite care for elderly family members throughout… read more

The Benefits of Being A Caregiver

As we have discussed in previous blog posts, in-home senior care is an incredibly beneficial service to have for your aging loved ones. Caregivers dedicate their time to making the lives of others easier and more tolerable, but there are also benefits to being a caregiver. In today’s Best In-Home Care blog post, we are… read more

How Our Elder Care Assessment Works

We get it. The word assessment can be scary, as it eerily resembles other distasteful grade school terms like quiz or test. At Best In-Home Care LLC in Lubbock, Texas, we want to make sure that you know when we use the word “assess,” we mean the assessment of our future patient’s needs, not an… read more