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You might be surprised to hear that even as someone who has done their research on home health care services that you might not know all of the benefits, but some of the smaller benefits tend to be a little less obvious. Luckily, you have us, your local provider of home care in Lubbock to tell you. At Best In-Home Care, LLC we offer a number of services that you likely already know the benefit of, but what are some of the hidden benefits?

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Home Care Can Reduce Falls — Resulting In…

The answer might not be super obvious at first. You might be thinking “Reducing falls results in… falling less?”, and you are 100 percent right — but what we are really looking for is that reducing falls in the home can lead to a lesser chance that you loved one will be readmitted to the hospital. With falling being one of the leading causes of readmission to the hospital, you can rest easy knowing that an in-home healthcare service provider from Best In-Home Health Care can keep your loved one safe — and out of the hospital, where they belong.

Caregivers Are More Than Medical Aids

There is a stigma around the word caregiver when it is used in the sense of a professional caregiver coming to your home. Most people think that professional caregivers can only provide medical assistance like post-surgical care or assistance with mobility or cognitive issues when in reality caregivers can help you with anything! That’s right! Anything. Caregivers can provide more than medical assistance and can also help cook, clean, and make the home more accessible and comfortable for the person they are providing care to.

Home Care Is At Par With Hospital Care

Before we dive into this topic, we must clarify that we are not talking about hospital care as in surgical care, or any care that might mandate a doctor. Instead, we mean the post-op care where the affected person might be stuck in the hospital. By hiring a home care agency like Best-In Home Care in Lubbock, you can rest easy knowing that you or your loved one will be able to recover in a more calming environment while also receiving the same recovery care that they would in the hospital.

Let Best In-Home Care Help Your Family

Whether you have a loved one with a cognitive disease, mobility issue, or who are simply too old to properly take care of themselves, there is only one thing to do — contact us and ask about our home health care services. Our team of experienced caregivers is all knowledgeable and qualified to provide your loved one with the level of in-home care that they deserve.

If you have any questions about our company, our services, or our caregivers, we urge you to visit us online today. We look forward to being able to provide in-home care for you and your loved one. If you have any questions in regard to at home care, we urge you to contact us today. Additionally, we offer free in-home assessments, so schedule yours today.

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As a home care services provider, we here at Best In-Home Care rely on the satisfaction of our customers to generate our reputation — and luckily, we have extremely satisfied customers. If you are looking for home care for a loved one we urge you to search “home care Lubbock” and see what our customers have to say about us.

In today’s blog post we would like to give you a quick look at some of the reviews that have received in the last couple of years.

Kathy C. – Yelp Review (5-Star Review)

“I am very thankful that we chose Best In-Home Care.  My dad wanted to stay at home and we were able to accomplish this with the help of the team at Best In-Home Care.  Our caregiver was extremely kind and compassionate with my dad and he never wanted for anything. That meant the world to my family!”

Thank you, Kathy. Our mission as a home care assistance company is to help people just like your father stay at home, for longer. To age in place is to be comfortable, and it brings us great joy that we could do just that for your father. Additionally, thank you for praising our employees. Our kind staff works extremely hard to provide a quality of care that is second to none!

Duane R. – Top Rated local®️ Review, (5-Star Review)

“I felt we made a good choice when selected Best In-Home Care and you followed with very good care and concern for Elsie. Thank you for your caring staff. Anna and the women that worked in Elsie’s home were outstanding.”

Thank you for your kind words, Duane. We are very happy to hear that our staff did an excellent job providing home health care services to Elsie. It is our goal that whenever we in-home health care that we make our patients feel cared for and comfortable. If there is anything that we can do for you in the future, be sure to give us a call.

Karin H. – Top Rated local®️ Review, (5-Star Review)

“This company is Top Notch. The caregivers are always courteous, efficient and prompt. The owners always cater to your individual needs when sending out their caregivers and are also very informative when we have questions concerning our loved ones. Our family highly recommends Best in home health care.”

Thank you, Karin. When we provide home care to your loved one we see it very important to keep your family informed, after all, you are concerned for the health of your loved one — that is why we are here in the first place. Not only will we respond to your in-home care questions, but we will also go out of our way to periodically update you on any pertinent information.

Let Best In-Home Care Help You!

As one of many home health agencies in the area, we set ourselves apart from others with the quality of care that we provide. We truly do care about our patients and their families, so if you find your loved one needing help, just know that we are the perfect home care provider for the job.

Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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Are you in need of home care services? Have you found yourself searching “home care Lubbock” and hoping that the perfect home health care services company pops up? Well, luckily your searches have led you here to Best In-Home Care, LLC, your Top Rated LocalⓇ home care company in Lubbock.

Our company is dedicated to providing both in-home care and respite care services to those who are suffering from old age, injuries, and terminal illness. One of the more common questions that we receive here at Best In-Home Care, LLC is how to determine if your loved one needs in-home care assistance or if a lesser care such as respite care is more appropriate. In today’s blog, we will discuss how to determine what type of in-home care is right for your loved one.  

Respite Care

Respite care is an extremely beneficial tool that is underused by a vast majority of the population that could benefit most. Who does it help? Well, obviously it helps your loved one, but it also helps you — the primary caregiver. As a home care company here in Lubbock, we understand the difficulties associated with taking care of someone, and yes, it is extremely tasking. Because of this, you might become overworked, draining your energy while also heightening the potential risk for you or your loved one to become injured. Because of this, it is important that you be able to have some time off.

If you manage to be a primary caretaker but need some time off, respite care is perfect for you. Contact us at Best In-Home Care, LLC today to speak to one of our caregivers about our respite care services in Lubbock.

In-Home Care

While respite care is perfect for some caregiving situations, it is not quite as comprehensive as some other people may need. If your loved one is suffering and needs help with day-to-day activities such as getting in and out of bed, getting dressed, moving about the house, and making and eating meals, it might be time for you to consider calling a caregiver. At Best In-Home Care in Lubbock, Texas, we offer intensive home care services to ensure that your loved one is well taken care of and comfortable in their times of difficulty.  

If you believe that your loved one would benefit from in-home care services, contact us today and schedule a free in-home assessment.

Home Care, Lubbock: Look No Further Than Best In-Home Care, LLC

Here at Best In-Home Care, LLC we take pride in the work that our caregivers do because we enjoy helping others live safer, more comfortable lives. Whether you are in need of a few short hours during the day or a more intensive daily in-home plan, our caregivers are prepared to help your family by providing home care of the highest quality.

For a complete list of our services be sure to click here. If you are interested in some of the home care services that we provide in the Lubbock area please be sure to contact us today.

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As we have talked about in a previous post, respite care is a service where you, the primary caregiver, can take time off to recuperate, relax, or to complete tasks that you have been meaning to do. Here at Best In-Home Care, LLC we offer respite care to the people of the Lubbock area because it allows hardworking caregivers like yourself the ability to take a couple hours to focus on yourself while not having to worry or feel guilty.

Being that we offer respite services to the Lubbock area, we see it fit to elaborate on some of the benefits that you may experience as a caregiver when you give us a call at Best In-Home Care, LLC.

R – The primary benefit or respite care is that you, as a caregiver to your loved one can RELAX. Providing care to someone (whatever the reason) can be both emotionally and physically tasking, especially with minimal breaks and time off that you have. Over time you become worn out and the simplest of tasks seem hard once again. By calling us here at Best In-Home Care, LLC and asking about our respite care services, you will be able to take a break, long or short, and get the rest that you need.

E- After you have enlisted our respite services and relaxed, you will now have ENERGY. Energy is an important thing for you to have as the primary caregiver of your loved one because if you do not have enough energy, you are putting both you and your loved one at risk of being hurt.

S – Having SPACE from your loved one can be a good thing. Often times people will become frustrated with the person that they are a caregiver to as a result of the stain of taking care of them. The last thing that you want is to start resenting your loved one — so take a step back and relax!

P – What is something that you don’t get much as a caregiver? PLEASURE. Take some time off and go have a spa day, play a round of golf, or do whatever else makes you happiest. Just know that while you are gone our elder care services professionals are taking excellent care of your loved one.

I – Being a caregiver can be so stressful that you often times don’t have time to do the things that make you… you. So go out and regain your IDENTITY.

T – In summation of all of the above benefits, respite care gives you TIME away to do with whatever you would like.

E – Lastly, when you have time off, you can ENJOY time with friends that you cant see as often as you’d like as a result of being a caregiver.

Contact Us At Best In-Home Care, LLC

Contact us today to inquire about our respite services, because we both know that you deserve some time to yourself. If you have any questions about our services feel free to ask one of our experienced home care professionals or to take a look at the frequently asked questions page on our full website. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Many people are aware that we provide in-home care services for the elderly here at Best In Home Care LLC. It’s right there in our name, after all!

But our elder care services aren’t only for the benefit of the senior citizen in your life. All too often, we’ve seen the responsibility of caring for an ailing relative fall on the shoulders of their younger family members.

Here in Lubbock, family ties run strong and we were all taught to respect our elders. Caring for senior relatives just seems like the right thing to do, especially considering how they took care of us when we were just kids.

Feeling Burnt Out? Respite Care Can Help

Here’s the problem, though: Family members aren’t professional trained to provide home care. After a while, taking care of an older or ill family member can start to take its toll, leaving family members stressed and frustrated.

That’s where Best In Home Care LLC comes in. We provide professional respite care to many families here in Lubbock. Keep reading to learn more about what makes respite care different from in-home care, and how our respite care services can help you to maintain a healthy balance of caring for your loved one and caring for yourself.

Respite Care Doesn’t Mean You’re Giving Up, You’re Just Taking A Rest

Professional respite care allows friends and family members to take a temporary break from the 24 hour, seven-day a week job that is caregiving. Friends and family members get to step away without worry, knowing that their elderly loved one will continue to receive care in a safe environment. With respite care, you can completely and totally disconnect from the caregiver mentality without any guilt. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Interested in learning more about how respite services from Best In Home Care LLC can help provide a much needed sense of peace and relaxation in your family? Contact us today.

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If you were to ask middle-aged people in Lubbock how they planned to deal with the limitations of aging later in life, most would probably reply, “My kids will take care of me!”

It’s true that one of the many blessings of creating children is that you have a built in support system for your senior years. Many children happily take on the role of caretaker when their mother or father is dealing with reduced mobility or other issues later in life.

This tradition begs an interesting question: What if you never had children? Or, what if you have children but they live far away from your home in Lubbock?

Best In Home Care LLC specializes in elder care for those who may not have children living with them in the Lubbock area. Keep reading to learn some of the special ways our elder care services are helping to keep Lubbock seniors in their homes where they feel most comfortable.

Statistics About The Need For Elder Care

  • As of 2014, one in five baby boomers is childless, and approximately 30 percent of adults will enter old age single (never married, widowed, or divorced).
  • 80 percent of elder care is provided at home by children or other family members

If these statistics describe you, there’s no need to worry about how you and/or your spouse will be taken care of. Simply get educated about elder care and how it can take the place of these familial caretakers.

When you hire Best In Home Care LLC to provide elder care services, you’ll enjoy the following benefits (just to name a few!):

  • 24-Hour care without the high costs of a nursing home
  • Assistance in attending doctor’s appointments, getting groceries, and home maintenance
  • Faster healing times after surgery or illness
  • Reduced stress and feelings of loneliness or lost identity
  • Building relationships with our trusted elder care providers

Contact Best In Home Care LLC to learn more about our elder care services in Lubbock today.

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dreamstime_l_21348468Respite care is a very important part of what Best In Home Care LLC does here in the Lubbock area. A vast majority of elder caregivers are related to the patient in some way, and this unpaid work can be both stressful and financially taxing for those involved. Sometimes, you just need a break.

What Are Respite Care Services?

We provided a more in-depth description of respite services in a previous article, but for now we’ll just remind you that respite care is designed to provide a break for tired, familial caregivers. The word respite means “rest” and when you hire us to provide respite care for your loved one in Lubbock, it allows you to relax mentally and physically.

Yes, Medicare Does Cover Respite Care But…

Many caretakers love the sound of respite care, but then they immediately wonder how much it’s going to cost. If your senior loved one is covered by Medicare, you might be interested to know that the government does indeed cover respite care, however, coverage is only provided if the situation meets several stipulations.

Conditions Surrounding Medicare Coverage Of Respite Care

In order to have Medicare pay for respite care, your loved one must be dealing with a life-threatening illness that qualifies him or her for the hospice benefit. This is the stipulation even though respite care is different from hospice care.

“Under the Medicare hospice benefit, your loved one can get respite care in a Medicare-approved hospital or skilled nursing facility for up to five days at a time. Medicare will pay 95 percent of the Medicare-approved amount for respite care,” explains Medicare Interactive.

If you’d like to know more about the affordable respite care services provided by Best In Home Care LLC, simply contact us. We’d love to hear about your budget and figure out a way to provide you with the rest you need.

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When it comes to hiring someone to provide care for the senior in your life, the decision can feel overwhelming.

Whether you’re looking for elder care for a parent, aunt or uncle, or your own spouse, it’s never easy to trust a stranger to provide the services that your loved one needs without putting them at risk.

We’ve all heard the elder care horror stories that make national headlines, and that’s why it’s so important to hire a Lubbock senior care provider that will never put your you or your loved one in a bad position.

We’ve Worked Hard To Be Lubbock’s Preferred Elder Care Provider

Best In-Home Care LLC is proud to be Lubbock’s choice for elder care. We believe we have become a trusted member of the community because of the people we hire to provide senior care services.

Here are just three things that set our elder care providers apart from others in the industry:

  • Not Contractors – Unlike many elder care service providers, who hire contractors from employment agencies or even “freelance” senior home care providers, each and every caregiver we hire is a full-time employee of Best In Home Care, trained by our founders.
  • Compassionate – When we interview potential elder care providers for a position here at Best In Home Care, we’re concerned with two things: their experience and their compassion. It’s important to us that every one of our employees has a real passion for senior services.
  • Bonded & Insured – Each elder care provider we hire here at Best In Home Care is thoroughly screened, background-checked, bonded and insured. This provides peace of mind that you can trust this person to protect and care for your senior loved one.

Contact Best In-Home Care LLC in Lubbock today to learn more about our elder care services.

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On the surface, home care services might not seem like a very emotional business. People in Lubbock need health care and assistance in their homes, and Best In Home Care LLC provides it. What’s so emotional about that?

When you stop to consider how much people in Lubbock care for their elderly loved ones, and how difficult it can be to get seniors to admit that they need a little help to remain in their homes, things can get emotional quickly.

Home Care Services Let You Focus On What’s Important

Best In Home Care isn’t here to stir up trouble for your Lubbock family. Instead, we want to help you enjoy your time with your senior loved one through home health care and services!

Don’t think you need our help? Just take a look at these three things that will once again become possible when you utilize our home care services:

  1. Sending The Grandkids For A Visit – When seniors start to experience limited mobility, housekeeping can suffer. No one wants to visit a dirty, cluttered house, but with assistance from the caregivers at Best In-Home Care in Lubbock, everything is kept neat and tidy.
  2. Enjoying A Family Dinner – With the home care providers at Best In-Home Care, your senior loved one will always be stocked with fresh groceries, so you can all enjoy a homecooked meal together again.
  3. Going On Vacation – If you’ve been putting off a trip to the beach because you’re worried what will happen to your senior loved one while you’re away, overnight home care from our providers will give you the chance to finally relax.

Contact us to learn more about how we can assist your Lubbock family with home care.

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There are some parts of getting older that many people enjoy. In their older years, many people are able to retire, finally getting the time to travel, enjoy quality time with grand-kids, or the ability to relocate to a place where they’ll never have to shovel snow again. Of course, there are some drawbacks to getting older as well, mostly physical. Keep reading to learn why slipping and falling is one of the most dangerous aspects of getting older and how our elder care experts can help the seniors in your community protect themselves from this health hazard.

Slip-And-Fall Hazards Are A Serious Health Threat For The Elderly

“Each year, millions of older people—those 65 and older—fall,” explains the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “In fact, more than one out of four older people falls each year, but less than half tell their doctor. Falling once doubles your chances of falling again.”

When you’re young, with greater bone density and flexibility, falling down isn’t something you have to fear. In fact, falling down is an important part of life! Think about learning to walk, ride a bike, rollerskate, or ski: all of these activities likely meant that you fell down a lot! However as we age, our bodies become more brittle and unable to handle the trauma of falling down.

When elderly people fall, they can suffer:

  • Broken bones, especially wrists, arms, ankles, and hips
  • Head injuries, which is very serious is the elder in your care is taking blood thinners
  • Fear of falling again, which can be debilitating for a senior who is living alone without elder care services.

Common Fall Hazards Seniors Need To Watch Out For

Part of our professional elder care service is making sure that the senior’s home is devoid of as many slip and fall hazards as possible. There are lots of normal household items and situations that can trigger a fall, you just have to know where to look!

  • Throw Rugs – According to many experts, these small area rugs are one of the biggest causes of senior falls. Why? Because these small rugs aren’t attached to the floor and are often placed in kitchens, hallways, and other rooms that have wood or laminate flooring, which is very slippery.
  • Clutter – Without the assistance of an elder care specialist, it’s very easy for an elderly person’s home to get cluttered. This precariously piled junk can make it hard to move about the home, and in some cases may even fall down on a person when they try to access a part of it.
  • Staircases – Steep, narrow, or particularly slippery stairwells are a huge hazard for seniors, even if they’ve been climbing them their entire lives.
  • Poor Lighting – Without the ability to see something on the floor in front of them, it’s very easy for seniors to trip over things they might otherwise have been able to avoid.
  • Pets – Seniors love their cats and dogs, and we realize that these animals provide much-needed companionship for an elderly person who’s living alone. However, pets love to get underfoot, which can cause a slip and fall hazard for seniors.
  • Unstable Furniture – Sometimes the furniture in a senior’s home can be just as old as they are! While antique furniture is beautiful it may also be rickety, increase the chance of an accident.

Our Elder Care Specialists Offer A Fall Prevention Program To Keep Seniors Safe

Prepare your loved ones for the increased hazards of living on their own with our Elderly Care Fall Prevention Workshop! Contact us to schedule this informative events today.