5 Ways to Save Time as a Caregiver

One thing most family caregivers never have enough of is time. Many caregivers are stretched thin because of caregiver duties, work, family responsibilities, and other things. You may wish you could spend less time on certain things so you can have more time for others. Knowing some strategies that can help family caregivers to save time could just find you with a few extra minutes each time all for yourself. Below are 5 ways to save some time as a caregiver.


#1: Plan Care Ahead of Time

Caregiver Shallowater, TX: 5 Ways to Save Time as a Caregiver

Spending some time each week to go over the plan for your aging relative’s care can save time by eliminating a sudden rush to find someone to care for them when you realize there’s a gap in care. Double check the schedule with all caregivers involved, both family and professional. Also, make sure the appropriate people are aware of appointments they will be responsible for taking the older adult to.

#2: Prioritize
Create a list of all the things that need to be done. Then, prioritize it by moving the things that are urgent to the top of the list. Move things that can wait toward the bottom. Continuously update the list and reprioritize. Know that it’s okay to let the less urgent items wait a little longer if you need some “me time.”

#3: Touch Paperwork Once
When you receive a piece of paperwork, like a medical bill, try to deal with it right away or at least try to put it in the appropriate file to be dealt with at the appropriate time. When you continuously shuffle papers around a desk, you may lose something, which will cost you time in tracking it down. In addition, starting to deal with an issue, stopping, and going back to it later can result in reworking the first steps.

#4: Make Sure All Caregivers Know Their Responsibilities
When there is confusion about which caregiver is responsible for what task, it can result in things being done twice or not getting done at all. Schedule a meeting with all caregivers to talk about each person’s roles. It can also be helpful for the primary caregiver to send out a weekly list of tasks and assign caregivers to handle them.

#5: Schedule “Me Time”
Sometimes you simply need to schedule time for yourself, otherwise you may not ever get a chance to do the things you enjoy. In addition, when you take a break from caregiving, you may return feeling refreshed and able to get through tasks more quickly.


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